Introduction to Decolonisation

Lesson Plans: Week 12


This week is for collective reflection on the module and finalizing the assessment. The students are free to use this time as they wish – for example, to catch up on readings, work on the reflective journal, or engage in conversations about the module content with their peers.

The convener can suggest the ‘A, B, C, D… terms’ activity for students who would like some prompts for their journals. For this exercise, students think of terms they have learned throughout the course (starting with each letter of the alphabet) and add them in their journals. This can be a starter for creative and reflective work – and the selections could be added to the glossary provided alongside these session plans.

The convener should remind students that this is emotive, difficult work, and that they should look after themselves; to support this, they may wish to share a guided meditation or breathing exercise – e.g.:

Suggested self-reflection / assessment

As outlined in the module guide, students are encouraged to keep a self-reflective diary throughout their time on the module. This journal can be used simply as a tool for students to reinforce what they have learnt in their own time, or issued as a summative or formative assessment depending on what is required by the institution delivering the module. If this journal is to be assessed, it should be submitted at the end of this week.

Supporting information for this lesson can be found here.