Introduction to Decolonisation

Module Guide: Week 6

Reflection week

In this week, students are invited to reflect on what they have learned so far. While this week off can be used to catch up on readings, and to engage in further independent research, it should ideally be used to sit with the contents, process the information and reflect. Students are encouraged to use their journals for this, linking the contents of the module to their own experiences and practicing self-reflection.

It is important to accompany this with self-care. Students should use whatever pro-wellbeing tools work best for them (e.g., meditation, exercise, being in nature, creativity); perhaps this could be an opportunity to try something new. Learning about decolonisation is emotive, difficult work, and it is important to regularly take a step back and check in with oneself. If something comes up that doesn’t feel right, students should not hesitate to reach out to friends, family, university staff, and/or mental health and wellbeing professionals.