Introduction to Decolonisation

Module Guide: Week 9

Decolonising education practice

During week nine, students will consider practical methods of decolonising the curriculum and the classroom.

Required Readings:

  • Andreotti, V. (2006). “Theory without practice is idle, practice without theory is blind”: The potential contributions of post-colonial theory to development education. Development Education Journal, 12(3), 7–10.
  • Freire, P. (2017 [1970, 1993]) Pedagogy of the Oppressed. Penguin Classics. (Students should read Chapter 2, pp. 44-59.)
  • Why is My Curriculum White?

Further Readings:

  • Million, D. (2009). Felt Theory: An Indigenous Feminist Approach to Affect and History. Wicazo Sa Review, 24(2), 53-76.
  • Verges, F. (2018). Decolonial feminist teaching and learning. what is the space of decolonial feminist teaching? Taylor & Francis Group.
  • Wildcat, M., McDonald, M., Irlbacher-Fox, S., and Coulthard, G. (2014). Learning from the land: Indigenous land based pedagogy and decolonization.