Introduction to Decolonisation

About this project

About this project

About this project

The video presentation below was contributed to the international conference Towards Decolonizing Futures – Languages, Culture, Art, and Nature Under and Against Settler Colonialism. It describes how this project was conceived and carried out — and shares what we learned along the way. You can also view the poster we used to share our work at a British council event in Delhi.

Project team

Course authors

Oliver Blewett, Shibani Das, Trinh Dinh, Lara Fricke, Shreya Gupta, Rebecca Howarth, Silvia Mustaklem, Amy Shakespeare

Quick guide contributors

Dr John Bruun, Professor Partha Chatterjee, Professor Ian Cook, Dr Thomas Currie, Professor Jerri Daboo, Dr Riadh Ghemmour, Professor Nilanjana Gupta, Dr Layal Hakim, Aveen Hameed, Dr Caitlin Kight, Dr Frances Martin, Dr Shubranshu Mishra, Professor Maroona Murmu, Dr. Subhajit Naskar, Dr Vrinda Nayak, Professor Melissa Percival, Professor Fatima Pirbhai-Illich, Dr. Musarrat Maisha Reza, Professor Samir Kumar Saha, Professor Nicola Thomas

Project management

Bharati Chaudhari, Prof Samantak Das, Prof Suranjan Das, Dr Caitlin Kight, Prof Li Li, Dr Rahi Soren